Signiant File Transfer Performance Testing Achieves Multi-gigabit Transfers on Storj’s Cloud Object Storage Solution

Storj and Signiant Partner so customers save on cloud storage without compromising on performance. Companies to demo solutions at NAB Show, Las Vegas April 13-17, 2024

ATLANTA, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Storj, today announced outstanding client test results using its distributed cloud object storage with Signiant, intelligent file transfer software.

Storj CEO Ben Golub says, “Businesses no longer need to compromise on performance when adopting cost-effective cloud storage solutions. Through our strategic partnership with Signiant, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data, achieving multi-gigabit transfer speeds and optimizing workflows while enjoying significant cost savings.”

Created to move huge code bases around the world for global software development, The Signiant Platform is used to move large data sets with security, reliability, and speed. Media & Entertainment was the first sector to broadly adopt the technology, and today the Signiant Platform technology is trusted by over 50,000 companies for mission-critical workflow processes. With customers including Disney, NBC, and Apple, Signiant is a trusted partner to leading media companies, delivering critical enterprise-wide elements of global technology infrastructures.

Storj works seamlessly with Signiant, easily handling TB files and Storj’s infinitely scalable, distributed architecture delivers S3-compatible, enterprise grade, cloud object storage, often 2-3 x faster at one tenth the cost and one tenth the carbon footprint of AWS.

Because the average rate of server utilization is only about 12-18% of capacity, Storj’s technology architecture leverages the excess capacity, thereby eliminating supply-chain challenges and the need to build, cool and maintain new drives and data centers. As a result, its distributed cloud storage reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%. To ensure security, Storj encrypts and splits data across a zero-trust network, protecting it from outages, ransomware, and compromise, eliminating single points of failure while delivering speed, reliability, security, and global accessibility.

Signiant Media Shuttle is an easy, reliable way to send any size file, anywhere, fast. Signiant conducted performance testing on Storj with Media Shuttle to see how well-suited it would be for customers and compare it to alternatives.

Client testing utilizing an Apple M2 Pro CPU and the Signiant SDCX Server software running in a Vultr compute instance with a 4GHz Intel CPU in the Chicago data center, Signiant achieved remarkable results. With two concurrent transfers, Signiant experienced speeds from 4-5 Gbps. Signiant consistently achieved speeds of about 2.5Gbps per transfer, ranking in the top 1% of all time Media Shuttle transfers.

The testing revealed two key elements highly sought after by Signiant customers: 1) the ability to reach multi-gigabit speeds and 2) support simultaneous multi-gigabit transfers.

“We were initially skeptical about the performance of Storj because it is so affordable,” said Robert Browne, Founder, VP Global Technology Alliances and Partnerships at Signiant. “However, using the recommended configuration, we confirmed that customers can achieve multiple multi-gigabit transfers with Media Shuttle and Storj so they can save on cloud storage without compromising on performance.”

Signiant’s experience with Storj mirrors success stories from other customers and partner testing initiatives. These consistent performance outcomes reaffirm Storj as a high-performance cloud object storage solution that meets demands of businesses across industries and use cases. The University of Edinburgh, for instance, is a long-time customer of Storj, has conducted year-over-year comparisons and saw performance double in that time.

Storj’s exceptional performance stems from its innovative distributed architecture, leveraging a network of tens of thousands of nodes to store and retrieve data. By harnessing idle storage capacity across a global network, Storj achieves unparalleled speed, reliability, and scalability.
With Storj and Signiant, businesses can confidently overcome challenges of the digital age, leveraging cutting-edge technology to innovate and drive business growth.

About Storj
Storj is redefining the cloud to support the future of data—sustainably and economically. Storj leverages the vast global supply of underutilized resources to deliver services with better security, durability and performance. Experience up to 90% lower costs and carbon reduction with Storj.

About Signiant
The Signiant Platform is an integrated set of SaaS products that make media content flow easier and more efficient. The platform is built on a fast file transfer foundation already used to connect more than 50,000 companies of all sizes and over one million users.

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