Smart Plastic Technologies Appoints Jerry Starr, CEO of Aargus Plastics, as Board of Directors Chairman

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Plastic Technologies, a pioneering company in sustainable plastic solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Jerry Starr as the new chairman of its Board of Directors. Mr. Starr, the visionary CEO of Aargus Plastics, brings decades of expertise and a remarkable track record in the plastic industry to the Smart Plastic team. His outstanding leadership and commitment to innovation align seamlessly with Smart Plastic Technologies’ mission to revolutionize the global fight against plastic waste.

Aargus Plastics, Inc., founded in 1959, stands as one of the nation’s most versatile low- and high-density polyethylene extruders, printers, converters, and recyclers. The company has continually adapted to meet the dynamic needs of its customers while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability. Their range of recyclable products is custom-made to precise specifications and proudly manufactured in the United States.

Jerry Starr’s journey with Aargus began in 1971 when he seized the opportunity to acquire a small plastic bag making company, Aargus Poly Bag in Chicago. Under his stewardship, Aargus Plastics witnessed substantial growth, evolving into a 22-extrusion line and flexographic printing powerhouse. Starr’s strong vision and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled the company to new heights of success. Alongside his wife, Sherry, and eldest son, Scott, Mr. Starr has steered the thriving family business for over three decades.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jerry Starr as the new Board of Directors chairman,” said Tim Murtaugh, founder and CEO of Smart Plastic Technologies. “His wealth of experience in the plastic industry, along with his passionate pursuit of sustainability, perfectly aligns with our values and vision. With Jerry’s guidance and expertise, we are confident that Smart Plastic Technologies will continue to lead the way in transforming plastic waste management.”

Earlier this year, Smart Plastic announced its status as a certified B Corp, acknowledging its dedication to combatting the global plastic waste crisis and utilizing its innovative bio-assimilation technologies as a force for good. Its cutting-edge SPTek ECLIPSE™ technology offers a bio-assimilable solution that allows plastic products—including stretch film, shopping bags, food service items and more—to degrade completely, leaving no harmful microplastics behind. This revolutionary technology has empowered the company to develop sustainable product offerings that significantly reduce the environmental impact of plastic materials.

Smart Plastic Technologies looks forward to collaborating with Jerry Starr to drive innovation and sustainability in the plastic industry.

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About Smart Plastic Technologies:
Smart Plastic Technologies is a sustainability disruptor in the waste management, environmental and human wellness sectors, redefining the potential of plastic. The company’s goal is to transform plastic into a material that supports a circular economy and a regeneration model for the planet and its inhabitants. Smart Plastic Technologies’ advanced technologies enhance the beneficial properties of plastic while significantly reducing its environmental impact. All products are 100% recyclable, FDA-approved and designed for the circular economy.

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