Smart Plastic Technologies Earns B Corp Certification, Demonstrating Commitment to a Sustainable Future

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Plastic Technologies, a global leader in sustainable plastic solutions, is proud to announce its official B Corp certification. This prestigious recognition acknowledges Smart Plastic’s dedication to combatting the global plastic waste crisis and utilizing its innovative bio-assimilation technologies as a force for good.

Administered by B Lab, a nonprofit organization driving positive social and environmental change through business, the B Corp certification process rigorously evaluates a company’s social and environmental impact. Smart Plastic Technologies underwent a comprehensive assessment of its operations and business model, ensuring alignment with B Lab’s standards of transparency, accountability and sustainability.

As a B Corp-certified company, Smart Plastic Technologies joins a global community of like-minded businesses committed to making a positive impact on society and the planet.

“We are thrilled to have earned the B Corp certification,” said Tim Murtaugh, CEO and founder of Smart Plastic Technologies. “This achievement reflects our commitment to sustainable plastic solutions and reinforces our mission to drive meaningful change in the waste management, environmental and human wellness sectors. We are proud to join the B Corp community and collaborate with other purpose-driven organizations.”

Smart Plastic Technologies develops innovative materials that minimize the environmental impact of plastics. The company’s sustainable product offerings aim to reduce waste, promote recyclability and mitigate the negative effects of plastic pollution. Through its performance additives, Smart Plastic Technologies protects the health and well-being of both people and the planet while profoundly enhancing the behavior and beneficial properties of plastic.

Smart Plastic’s bio-assimilation technology allows plastic to degrade to a molecular weight that can be consumed by living organisms. This represents the final and conclusive stage of plastic biodegradation, leaving behind no microplastics.

The company’s collaborations with Munchkin, a renowned provider of baby and toddler products, PFN, a leading manufacturer of human wellness nonwovens, and Sigma Stretch Film, an industry leader in stretch film, enable Smart Plastic Technologies to expand its reach and bring sustainable solutions to diverse sectors, creating a positive ripple effect across industries.

The B Corp certification underscores Smart Plastic Technologies’ ongoing commitment to operating as a responsible and sustainable business, delivering solutions that support a circular economy and a regeneration model for the future.

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About Smart Plastic Technologies:
Smart Plastic Technologies is a sustainability disruptor in the waste management, environmental and human wellness sectors, redefining the potential of plastic. The company’s goal is to transform plastic into a material that supports a circular economy and a regeneration model for the planet and its inhabitants. Smart Plastic Technologies’ advanced technologies enhance the beneficial properties of plastic while significantly reducing its environmental impact. All products are 100% recyclable, FDA-approved and designed for the circular economy.

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