Solar Energy Partners Announces Merger with The Standard, Offering Customers Higher Value and Lower Costs

TURLOCK, Calif., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solar Energy Partners, also known as SEP, a company that offers a ‘white glove’ service in researching, comparing, selecting, and installing residential solar panels today announced their merge with The Standard. This merger is set to accelerate SEPs already rapid growth, enabling the company to expand its footprint into several other states and offer its services to millions more throughout the country.

“We’re growing – and moving – incredibly fast, with the merger having already combined The Standard’s cutting-edge philosophies with SEPs pedigreed ‘smart game,'” says Alex Williams, Co-Founder at SEP. “As such, we now have hundreds of finessed, verifiable solar experts from The Standard working alongside SEP’s equally capable representatives to offer customers an even more bespoke experience across a number of states.”

Founded four years ago in Bakersfield, CA. by Todd Jensen, Brian Hutchings, and Brad Holm, The Standard solar energy company expanded into Texas last year. Since March of 2020, the organization has grown from 15 representatives to 150 with offices in Fresno, Bakersfield, San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. As a result of the merger, SEP now has over 500 contractors in five states, which amounts to a 500% growth rate in the past year. 

“We are pleased to join forces with Solar Energy Partners as one entity to further the momentum that they’ve recently seen,” says Todd Jensen, Founder at The Standard. “In what was a challenging year for the solar industry, SEP went against the narrative and grew at an astounding rate. This demonstrates their ability to adapt to any business environment, due to the foresight of their entire leadership team.  Brian, Brad, and I look forward to the road ahead.”

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, and the presidential election drew attention away from the topic of climate change and the importance of renewable energy. Buried in the news cycle were figures released by NASA, showing that 2020 came a close second to 2016 for the hottest year in recorded history, pushing 2019 to third place. With three of the hottest days in history taking place in the last five years, the need to switch to renewable energies like solar is more cogent than ever.

SEP aims to drive widespread adoption of solar energy through their ‘white glove’ offering, which negates the stress and hassle of home improvement projects in the renewable energy field and beyond. Their representatives specialize in helping homeowners understand the process of installation and operation of a solar energy system, determine potential savings identify tax credit,  state and federal grant opportunities, and handle the installation from start to finish.

Furthermore, SEP’s commitment to supplying the finest materials and latest technologies guarantees longevity and value for their customers. This includes premium solar panels with minimal degradation and comprehensive warranties to ensure the customer knows they’re not in for any significant financial surprises in the future, 24/7 system monitoring to mitigate the risk of malfunction, and after-sales care to ensure the system remains optimal in its operations. This is all delivered through both SEPs and The Standard’s top-shelf, personalized service model, with a low-key, comfortable sales approach.

“This is what sets SEP apart from other solar energy providers, as many only handle the installation process, providing little-to-no pre-sale or after sale care,” says Williams. “The assistance SEP provides from the start of the inquiry to the installation will ideally convince those who think switching to solar is ‘too hard’ to make the switch, because now we make it incredibly easy.”

It’s through this simple, customer-focused, no-hassle process and future mergers with other reputable solar companies that SEP aims to remain in-step with the solar industries’ growth which, according to projections from Allied Market Research should reach $223.3 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5 percent from 2019 to 2026.

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Based in Turlock, California, Solar Energy Partners (SEP) was founded by Alex Williams, Clint Williams, and Dave Madrid in the spring of 2017. With its Founders bringing more than two decades of experience across the solar industry, SEPs mission is to bring clean energy, abundant savings, and peace of mind through a simple, comprehensive process to every homeowner across the United States. As the solar revolution progresses, and as newer, more effective, and efficient solar technologies become available, SEP aims to lead in spreading this renewable resource across the world, reducing the need for fossil fuels and helping homeowners to do their part in curbing climate change, while also reducing their monthly energy costs. For more information, please visit:

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