Solving 2 Problems (COVID-19 and Plastic Pollution Problems) at the Same Time? Green Science Alliance Developed Biomass Based Biodegradable Resin With Anti-Bacterial Effect

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental issues such as global warming and plastic pollution caused by human population explosion are getting severe in the world. The microplastic problem in the marine environment is especially becoming a devastating issue. It is predicted that the amount of plastic garbage will be more than that of fish in the world by 2050. There are also some scientific reports that these microplastics are already in our human body. Therefore, plastic recycling, reduction of plastic usage itself, and biodegradable plastic usage and development, have been intensively challenged and carried out.

This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic influence, the production and consumption of masks, medical gowns, medical coats, face shields, hand gloves etc. have increased by a huge amount. There is some report that masks have been spotted in the ocean as plastic pollution since these products are made of petroleum-based plastic. From this aspect, it is ideal to replace all of these materials with natural biomass based biodegradable resin.

In this regard, Dr. Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has developed natural biomass biodegradable resin with anti-bacterial, anti-viral effect. They have been developing various types of natural biomass biodegradable resin products and nano cellulose-based products and this time, Dr. Ryohei Mori used that knowledge and materials combined with anti-bacterial material.  Silver nano colloid based anti-bacterial material was used and due to existence of nano cellulose in the biodegradable resin, porous structure remained. Nano cellulose was also used as the scaffold for nano silver, otherwise it is difficult to retain nano silver based anti-bacterial material in the resin structure. It is a quite simple concept to combine natural biomass resin for plastic pollution problem, and anti-bacterial, anti-viral effect for COVID-19 problem. However, one would not see similar products in the world as commercial products. Since Green Science Alliance has 2 products (natural biomass resin and anti-bacterial, anti-viral material) already within their company, it was possible for them to develop such product quickly. In addition, they also make nano cellulose in their company, that helped a lot to produce such product efficiently. They have tested anti-bacterial effect at public third-party research institute with E-Coli and confirmed anti-bacterial effect. Since nano silver possesses not only anti-bacterial effect but also anti-viral effect, it is expected that developed products should possess anti-viral effect. Precisely, Green Science Alliance has to confirm anti-viral effect with third party research institute in the near future, before stating this article title.

It should be mentioned that developed resin material can also be used for mass production with normal injection molding machine. They had already made cutlery products for example.

Green Science Alliance will keep improving resin properties including robustness, mechanical strength etc. and challenge to prevent COVID-19 and plastic pollution problems with this nature biomass biodegradable resin with anti-bacterial, anti-viral effect. 

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