Students to Tackle Climate Change at Knovva Academy’s 2023 Model G20 Summit

The Annual Global Youth Leadership Program Builds the Leaders of Our Future

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Knovva Academy, an educational institution that guides students into their dream college through immersive online classes, tutoring, and counseling, announces its annual Model G20 Summit, a premier global youth leadership program that is taking place in January 2023. The summit’s topic is Climate Change: The Current and Near-Future Effects and attendees will discuss how best to address climate change and its impact.

20 countries will be represented by the 250 students from around the world who will attend and represent member states of the G20, international organizations, engagement groups, and invited countries to discuss the most pressing global challenges and explore joint solutions. Students who attend will have the opportunity to educate themselves extensively on relevant topics, expand their knowledge of our global community, and improve their skills in communication and strategic thinking.

The virtual summit also offers students the chance to engage as leaders, building real-world skills that will help set them apart in the competitive college admissions landscape and beyond.

“As one of the largest global youth leadership summits for high school students, Model G20 is an opportunity for hundreds of student leaders to make international connections and discuss real economic issues,” said Peter Dufresne, Knovva Academy’s chief academic officer. “The Knovva Academy team is excited for this year’s summit and to watch students tackle climate change through their creativity and leadership.”

Nearly 75% of Gen Z and millennials agree that the world is at a tipping point on our response to climate change. Engaging these generations in climate literacy now can provide a path for them to take real action on the climate crisis and have a seat at the table to influence the course of the planet and the future of humanity and billions of species on Earth. The Model G20 Summit is an essential platform to expose students to the world of international diplomacy and allow them to take the future into their own hands.

“When it comes to climate action, young adults have the loudest voice. Our next generations are some of the most determined advocates and have the potential to be part of the most powerful era in history to create change. What better way to prepare them than with a simulation trial,” said Dufresne.

With 8,000-plus Model G20 alumni representing 500-plus global schools, it’s one of the largest youth leadership summits for high school students in the world.

For more information on the Model G20 Summit, click here.

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