Support Ethical Farming and Savor the Finest Bison: Wild Oasis Bison Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Sustainable Operations

LA PINE, Ore., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wild Oasis Bison Ranch, a woman-owned, family-operated bison ranch committed to providing premium, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished bison products, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fuel their expansion plans. With a focus on sustainable practices and delivering exceptional taste and nutrition, Wild Oasis Bison invites supporters to join them in their mission to revolutionize the way bison is raised and enjoyed.

Wild Oasis Bison has set a bold vision to expand their operations and make a lasting impact on the local community and beyond. Through their crowdfunding campaign, they aim to raise funds to invest in infrastructure upgrades, pasture development, and equipment that will enhance the overall quality and efficiency of their sustainable ranching practices.

“Our crowdfunding campaign is a significant step towards our mission of transforming the bison industry and promoting ethical farming practices,” said Lori Moore, the driving force behind Wild Oasis Bison. “By supporting our campaign, individuals not only contribute to the growth of our ranch but also champion the values of sustainable agriculture and conscious food choices.”

As an advocate for sustainable farming, Wild Oasis Bison ensures their bison are raised in harmony with nature. Grazing freely on nutritious grasses, the bison enjoy a stress-free environment, resulting in meat that is lean, tender, and packed with essential nutrients. By supporting the campaign, backers play a vital role in fostering this sustainable model and preserving the natural habitat for future generations.

In return for their support, campaign backers will have the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards, including bison meat packages. By pledging to the campaign, backers become an integral part of the Wild Oasis Bison community, sharing in the excitement and rewards of their continued success.

Wild Oasis Bison invites supporters and bison enthusiasts to join their crowdfunding campaign by visiting or The campaigns provide a platform for individuals to contribute to the growth of a sustainable, woman-owned business while enjoying premium, ethically raised bison products.

“We believe that together, we can create a positive change in the way food is produced and consumed,” added Lori Moore. “Through this crowdfunding campaign, we invite individuals to be part of our journey and support a ranch that is redefining the standards of excellence in the bison industry.”

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About Wild Oasis Bison: Wild Oasis Bison is a woman-owned, family-operated bison ranch dedicated to providing premium, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished bison products. Committed to sustainable practices, they prioritize ethical farming and superior taste and nutrition. Their product range includes diverse cuts of bison meat as well as pre-packaged bison jerky and snack sticks. Wild Oasis Bison’s crowdfunding campaign aims to support their expansion plans and further their mission of transforming the bison industry through sustainable practices.

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