Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol Sees Increased Demand For Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates Following Transaction Between Digital Power Optimization and Acacia Digital

This latest trade further demonstrates that bitcoin miners can financially benefit from transparency and using clean energy

NEW YORK, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With Bitcoin back in the spotlight, Digital Power Optimization, Inc. (DPO) has completed a trade with investor Acacia Digital (Acacia), the latest successful end-to-end transaction of Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates (SBC). This transaction not only underscores the potential of clean energy-driven bitcoin mining, but also highlights the capacity for forward-thinking investment strategies to foster environmental sustainability.

SBP, the leading protocol in Bitcoin sustainability for both miners and institutional investors, has been steadfast in its mission to incentivize the use of clean energy sources within the bitcoin mining sector. The adoption of the protocol by DPO, an industry pioneer in utilizing bitcoin mining to maximize the profitability of clean energy assets, and Acacia, an early-stage blockchain venture capital fund, marks a significant leap towards realizing a more transparent and sustainable Bitcoin ecosystem. 

At the heart of this transaction is the issuance of Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates (SBC), which enable bitcoin mining companies to capture the value of their clean energy use. Sustainable miners like DPO earn SBC from Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol for their third-party verified hydro-powered bitcoin mining operations. DPO also recently announced a 100MW PPA with a major renewable power producer. 

Acacia invests in blockchain companies and digital assets whose products and services have real-world applications and impact. SBCs are an ideal fit for this framework, with their influence on the energy choices of bitcoin miners; by adding SBCs to its portfolio, Acacia has opted to directly drive the sustainability of the Bitcoin network. This innovative approach allows Acacia to make auditable sustainability claims without compromising the fungibility of its Bitcoin holdings. 

“At a time when regulators and policymakers are looking into the bitcoin mining sector, DPO’s climate-aligned and transparent approach can serve as an example for others,” explained DPO’s CEO Andrew Webber. “The SBC we receive for using clean energy helps us produce even more economic value out of each MWh for our clients and helps bitcoin mining improve energy infrastructure.” 

Acacia’s decision to invest in SBCs showcases its commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the blockchain sector. According to Hunter Metcalf, Managing Director at Acacia, “Our choice to invest in SBCs underscores our belief in the power of auditable sustainability claims to differentiate our fund from others in the space and our dedication to driving meaningful change within the cryptocurrency industry.” For several years, Acacia has been seeking mechanisms by which they can minimize the carbon footprint of their investment portfolios. Since their inception, the funds affirmed that the benefits of cryptocurrency are not limited to financial innovation and economic security – but that cryptocurrencies can have a positive environmental impact, as well. 

This transaction between DPO and Acacia Digital through Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of the bitcoin mining sector at a time when institutional interest in Bitcoin and general concerns around climate change continue to grow. Acacia believes that the advent of SBC opens the door to a new field of environmentally-focused investors, and also extends the emerging trend amongst bitcoin miners to become more focused on clean energy and transparency.

About Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol: 

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) is unlocking Bitcoin‘s clean energy potential and driving industry transparency. SBP incentivizes miners to use verified clean energy sources and through their innovative environmental commodity, the Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC). To learn more about SBP, visit

About Digital Power Optimization

Digital Power Optimization is a leading developer and operator of green data centers for power-dense computing. DPO partners with utilities and IPPs to locate data center facilities on-site at power generation plants to directly utilize renewable energy for the operation of HPC/AI and Proof-of-Work computing. DPO is privately held. For more information on DPO, please visit

About Acacia Digital: 

Founded in 2021, Acacia Digital is an early-stage blockchain venture capital fund.  The fund invests in companies that are developing critical new infrastructure within the blockchain ecosystem, and companies whose products and services have applications and use cases beyond existing cryptocurrency markets. Acacia believes that the efficiency, security, and privacy afforded by blockchain protocols will result in mass assimilation into both retail- and enterprise-focused tech products, over the next decade.

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