Sustainable Prefab Modular Home Builder, Daylun, Starts Construction of Flagship Home in Toronto

Revolutionary Residential Development Methodology to Solve Housing Shortage and Affordability Issues Globally

TORONTO, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daylun, an innovator in developing premium, passive, net-zero, technically-advanced pre-engineered homes, is announcing the construction of its flagship build at 241 Waterloo, Toronto. 241 Waterloo is a ground-breaking sustainable, net-zero, modular home build incorporating the most revolutionary green building materials and technologies and will target LEED for Homes Platinum Certification.

The project starts construction this summer and is planned for completion in Q4. The site is currently in preparation for construction, and a behind-the-scenes documentary is beginning production. The project is now open to the public for pre-bidding and welcomes industry sponsors.

241 Waterloo will feature advanced building materials, including many of Daylun’s proprietary technologies. The project will also showcase fixtures, appliances, systems, and building components provided by premier manufacturers in the green building community internationally.

Daylun is partnering with leading sustainable companies to sponsor and lend their technical expertise in each part of the build. Daylun has already partnered with several manufacturers for 241 Waterloo, including:

  • DMX, a water membrane manufacturer for foundation and green roofing applications.
  • Green Friendly Paint, a sustainable multi-application paint manufacturer.
  • Milwaukee Tools, a power tool manufacturer for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing applications.
  • Green-tek, a manufacturer of HVAC systems that support enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Terra Design, an interior design firm specializing in biophilic design — green/living walls.
  • The project will utilize LaFarge’s ECOpact low-carbon concrete, distributed by Innocon.

The project will feature Daylun’s patent-pending materials, including:

  • Construction-grade, vegetable-based adhesive that reduces human and environmental toxicity.
  • Concrete board made of EVA that is stronger and lighter than drywall.
  • Solar-heated outside cladding that is a cost-effective passive heat gain system.
  • Light-gauge, snap-together steel framing system.

The design for 241 Waterloo was conceived by Arthur Zankowicz, Daylun’s CEO and Founder, in conjunction with an elite team of sustainable design and engineering professionals, including:

  • Jean Jasosic – Structural Engineer
  • Mrigesh Roy – Mechanical Engineer
  • Anna Lepetukhina – Interior/Biophilic Designer
  • Dr. Beck Lee – Scientist for Chemistry of Foams and Bioproduct
  • Ivan Patrick – Renewable Engineer
  • Wladimir Sapyan – Architect
  • Maximiliano Zepeda – Architect
  • Valentyn Horditsa – Steel Structure Engineer
  • Gavin Xing – Window Engineer

Zankowicz is a sustainable design entrepreneur who has dedicated over 25 years to innovating environmentally friendly strategies and creative design solutions for the sport, fashion, film, and building industries. His portfolio of businesses, vast experience, and ground-breaking new methods and technologies have made him among the first to market sustainable products across multiple industries and countries.

"We envision a future in which safe, stylish, and good-for-the-earth-and-budget housing is available to everyone," said Zankowicz. 

Pre-engineered and manufactured modular homes are the forward-thinking solution to the prevalent societal challenges of inadequate housing supply and affordability. These projects are comparatively less expensive to design and construct than conventional stick-built housing and take significantly less time to deliver to underserved homeowners. The project will demonstrate the feasibility of modular home building in terms of time and money. 241 Waterloo’s design methodology also reduces the project’s carbon footprint and minimizes environmental impact.

Zankowicz, the Daylun design and engineering team, and sponsors are available to share more details.

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