The Easiest Way to Monitor Water Tank Temperature Stratification

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For municipal water districts, the build-up of THMs, particularly in storage tanks, is troublesome.  It can be difficult and costly to monitor tanks for increasing THM levels.  One potential precursor is increasing water temperature, or more specifically, a significantly higher temp at the top of the tank. 

Today, IoTini is proud to introduce the simplest and most cost-effective system for monitoring municipal and industrial water tank temps.  The IoTini BSS-1003 is a complete wireless monitoring system with three temperature probes to be configured to different depths in a tank to identify temp stratification and calculate the temp delta. 

Key features of the BSS-1003 include –

  • A 3 year field-replaceable battery provides ‘anywhere’ installation;
  • Wide area wireless connectivity via LTE-M and LoRa;
  • A smartphone app and Cloud-based dashboard with notification;

Datapoints from the BSS-1003 can be integrated into existing site monitoring systems such as SCADA.  And a fourth port on the IoTini gateway can be configured for site-specific functionality such as turning on/off equipment like a tank mixer or pump, or to add a tank level probe. 

IoTini created a short ninety second video overview to show the system in action: .

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About IoTini

IoTini is an early-stage Silicon Valley company founded with the mission of simplifying IIoT.  IoTini gateways are deployed in a range of industrial and commercial applications monitoring and managing critical infrastructure.

Steve Shaw