The EPA Determines e-sens’ New Automated Micro Chlorine Detection Method to be Acceptable as an Alternative Testing Procedure

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — e-sens Inc., a manufacturer of the industry’s simplest and most accurate water quality testing equipment ,  today announced that its Automated Micro Chlorine Detection (AMCD) method has been deemed acceptable as an Alternative Test Procedure and will move to Expedited Approval by the Environmental Protection Agency.  This marks a major milestone for e-sens as they offer a better solution for the water testing industry.

“We are thrilled by this good news,” said e-sens President and COO Brian Cummings. “This marks a major milestone in validating a new, more accurate and completely automated method to test chlorine and other disinfection parameters in water. Reaching this milestone brings e-sens one step closer to making our technology available for use on a global scale.”

The e-sens AMCD method is designed to measure chlorinated oxidants in water, such as free chlorine and total chlorine. The AMCD is run on the e-sens ROAM instrument, a fully automated hand-held device that measures 23 parameters of water quality with a single sample of water. The full automation of ROAM means that it requires no reagent handling, no sample prep, no mixing or calibrating. The e-sens app wirelessly transmits this data in real time, making it available to seamlessly integrate into your existing data system.

“Our goal is to revolutionize and simplify water testing technology,” said e-sens VP of Sales Rob Morgan. “Our AMCD method is one way we are making that a reality.”

About e-sens

e-sens manufactures a new generation of hand-held instruments that dramatically simplifies the process of testing water quality. Combining silicon-based sensors with powerful microfluidics, the e-sens device eliminates cumbersome solutions and reagents and increases accuracy through auto-calibration and minimal user interaction. With the touch of a button, the e-sens device processes and transmits data on 23 different water quality parameters to any mobile device. The mobile app tracks and uploads test data onto any server for long-term analytics. This new digital approach saves time, reduces cost, provides greater user-to-user consistency, and makes it easier for testers to perform analyses. Visit or contact

Press contact : Rob Morgan, 801-839-1071, [email protected]

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