The Latest Bitcoin Electricity Generator by the Franklin-Thomas Company Recently Proves It Immediately Makes More Money for You by Lowering Costs

DELTONA, Fla., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The President of The Franklin-Thomas Company (FTC), Joe Shepard, just announced the release of their new FTC electricity generator made especially for crypto mining. The Florida-based company developed this electricity generator that will lower the cost of crypto mining. The millions of crypto miners will see lower electricity bills with this new FTC generator.

Users simply plug their existing crypto mining power supplies directly into the outlet box or boxes supplied with the FTC generator. The user does not have to do anything else. The FTC generator comes in various sizes from 15,000 watts to 500,000 watts. 

Shepard explained that he examined the power supplies on various crypto miners and realized he could modify his existing FTC generators to power miners better. After modifying the FTC generator, Shepard flew to Austin, Texas and plugged in 10 miners to his new 15,000 watts product. The cost of electricity to run the miners dropped significantly. The FTC generator in operation was video recorded and placed on YouTube. Here’s the video link –

Shepard’s generators proved to be 92.3% efficient by Advanced Energy, a U.S. Dept. of Energy certified testing company, in 2014.  That 10,000-watt generator under test developed nearly 15,000 watts with little heat. 

Since that test Shepard has further increased the efficiency of the generator by using thinner laminations and improving the rectifier boards. This improved FTC generator is the basis for the crypto miner generator. It is also being used to home charge electric vehicles as it can produce 800 volts on demand.

FTC has licensed its technology to publicly traded companies like Dalrada and innovative manufacturing companies like Infinity Industrial Controls.

The FTC generator can be powered by everything from electric motors to gas engines to any other kind of prime mover.

The Franklin-Thomas Company, INC was incorporated in Florida 13 years ago. The company focuses on designing, building, and supplying high efficiency generators and related electrical power generating equipment. Joe Shepard was nationally recognized as a premier AI software developer as well. You can check us out at

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