Tiburon Subsea Partners with TIME Magazines “Hero of the Planet” Dr. Sylvia A. Earle

NEW YORK, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tiburon Subsea Inc. (New York, NY), an underwater robotics company, is pleased to announce its partnership with Dr. Sylvia Earle, preeminent marine biologist, ocean conservationist, environmental advocate, and National Geographic Explorer in Residence. Tiburon Subsea is building a data infrastructure platform for the blue economy and is focused on manufacturing specialized autonomous underwater rental vehicles (AUVs) for use in ocean exploration and data collection.

“This is truly a generational shift in how we collect data, provide greener solutions, and create increased access to our world’s oceans. We are overcoming a litany of barriers that are preventing us from effective stewardship of the ocean resources. We are excited to be partnering and sharing our long-term ocean ethics and vision with Dr. Sylvia Earle,” states company founder and CEO, Tim Taylor.

“It is more important than ever to have timely information and place it in the hands of those who can effect change. I’m very excited to be involved with Tiburon Subsea and share in Tim Taylor’s vision to help democratize access to ocean data and help protect and heal the ocean. Tim is an advocate for conservations and accomplished ocean explorer,” states Dr. Earle.

Tiburon Subsea is disrupting current legacy methods of acquiring data with its platform approach and revolutionary new designs. Their latest technology advancement is an evolution in hydrodynamic efficiency and redundancy that allows autonomous underwater vehicles to operate in all dimensions. This gives vehicles the ability to traverse any environment, hover, scan, stabilize and carry larger payloads and more power. It solves multiple shortcomings of current vehicles while offering payload developers numerous capabilities that can be incorporated into new unique payload solutions.

“Our mission in making autonomous vehicle technology with AI and machine learning available on a global scale and generate tremendous opportunities and growth in numerous ocean frontiers. Renewable energy, climate change remediation, marine fisheries, and weather, coastal engineering will all benefit from access to this technology,” states Taylor. “I am dedicated to providing access to the latest technologies.”

Tim Taylor is an award-winning ocean explorer, conservationist, and entrepreneur. He has helped pioneer long range AUV development and mapping since 2007. His discoveries and expeditions span multiple disciplines and include working around the world with climate change experts, archeologists, US Navy, and scientists. He was recently awarded the US Navy’s highest civilian award the “Distinguished Public Service Medal” for his groundbreaking work in underwater exploration. 

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