Titan Bioplastics, a Sustainable Material Engineering Company, Announces Partnership with Spartan Innovations and Investment from Red Cedar Ventures

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In their commitment to helping startups get to commercialization and translate their discoveries and knowledge into products and services that make life better, Titan Bioplastics has received foundational support and funding from Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures. Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures are wholly owned subsidiaries of Michigan State University Foundation (MSU), a hub for creating partnerships that develop economic value from the research and creativity within the Michigan community.

According to Tanya Hart, CEO of Titan Bioplastics, "We are extremely honored and proud of the investment into Titan Bioplastics by Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures, the prestige and opportunity this partnership brings will allow not only allow Titan Bioplastics access to MSU state of the art equipment, labs, and expertise but equally importantly the prolific opportunity to develop commercially viable polymer composite innovations in collaboration with MSU." Red Cedar Ventures is inspired by Michigan State University’s faculty, staff, and students. Their venture capital fund focuses on growing Michigan startup companies and accelerating commercialization of Michigan State University technologies.

Spartan Innovations is committed to supporting Titan Bioplastics through its Entrepreneur-in-Residence program and additional investment from Red Cedar Ventures. These two resources will help Titan Bioplastics material innovations come to market more quickly, build a strong team, and form a relationship with the MSU ecosystem. In addition, Spartan Innovations has a large network of experts, service organizations, investors, and university connections that Titan Bioplastics can leverage. The company is enthusiastic about engaging with Michigan State University researchers and technicians on their next-generation products.

"Titan Bioplastics is a perfect example of what we do at Spartan Innovations. Working with this talented team through our Entrepreneur-In-Residence program and connecting them with MSU resources, including research, is how we help startups get to commercialization," said Jeff Wesley, Executive Director at Spartan Innovations, Red Cedar Ventures, and Michigan Rise.

Working with biobased, compostable, and recycled polymers Titan Bioplastics provides real sustainable solutions for real problems in solving plastic pollution. Titan adapts materials to include Nanotechnology into a variety of resins and composites, often providing a wide range of mechanical properties. Through their industry revolutionary sustainable options, they provide composite development for companies looking to comply and innovate toward sustainable mandates for bioplastics and recycled plastics.┬áTitan commercializes material technology innovations for various industries, including advanced material composites for military and energy environmental technology for DOE. Their expertise spans, but is not limited to: Coatings, polymer composite development, nano barrier technology, the use of Graphene Oxide and Graphene resin composites and masterbatches, pilot compounding, material testing, bioremediation and energy capture technology. When aligning support Spartan Innovations looks at talent, and innovation and bases its criteria on a differentiating factor where notably Titan Bioplastics stood out amongst the rest. Brad Fingland, Ph.D. – Director of Physical Sciences at Spartan Innovations. "Titan Bioplastics built a suite of technologies that help address the global demand for sustainable materials at competitive costs. Spartan Innovations looks forward to continuing to partner with Titan Bioplastics’ strong team and to catalyzing new opportunities within Michigan’s ecosystem."

Sustainability is not a buzzword at Titan, it is the foundational principle from which all their work derives purpose. They maintain a close relationship with the producers of the most reputable, traceable, and awarded polyolefins produced, including but not limited to, reclaimed ocean bound materials. When sourcing biobased polymers, they ensure that the origin itself does not cause harm as part of our external auditing criteria for suppliers. "We help companies meet global standards for recycled content in their products, implement carbon negative materials and reduce scrap to landfill rates for their entire portfolio." Says Hart.

This partnership is a win-win for Titan Bioplastics and Spartan Innovations. As a portfolio company, Titan Bioplastics can leverage the resources at Spartan Innovations. As an investor and mentor, Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures can form new partnerships between Titan Bioplastics and other portfolio companies and, potentially, MSU researchers.

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