University Products Offers Affordable Anaplasmosis Vaccines Ahead of Spring Calving Season, Amidst FDA Antibiotic Crackdowns

BATON ROUGE, La., Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With the annual vector season coming up, University Products recently underscored the critical importance of early vaccination against bovine anaplasmosis to reduce herd losses. Offering a sensible and budget-friendly solution for cattle farmers nationwide, the University Products Anaplasmosis Vaccine has been field-tested for over 20 years and provides superior protection against this devastating endemic disease.

“Anaplasmosis remains a longstanding challenge for the cattle industry,” said Gene Luther, Director of University Products. “It significantly impacts the health and productivity of herds every single year and it hits hard in the spring, summer and fall especially, when insects like ticks and biting flies begin to flourish, spreading disease. So you don’t want to wait until your herd is already infected before you start thinking about preventive measures. Start now. Especially since the FDA has imposed stricter rules for antibiotic use.”

University Products’ vaccine stands out for its affordability, with per-dose costs nearly half that of diagnostic lab testing, and also for its effectiveness in reducing clinical symptoms associated with anaplasmosis.

Getting Ahead of Vector Season: Navigating Regulatory Changes

The importance of timely and effective disease management strategies is highlighted by recent draft guidance from the Food and Drug Administration concerning antimicrobial drugs given to food -producing animals. Those drugs, previously much easier to get, now require veterinarian approval and administration.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) also weighed in on the potential challenges of implementing new FDA guidelines, which now also require duration labeling for products treating anaplasmosis. NCBA Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kathy Simmons warned that such labeling was problematic at best, stating: “Some of these diseases that are vector borne see variations in the vector season based on the climate that you’re raising cattle. They may not be able to give a specific duration. They may have to publish a maximum duration and that won’t be easy either.”

Of this specific concern, Gene Luther from University Products said, “This just underscores the many challenges our industry faces when dealing with bovine disease. But fortunately, our vaccine is already a straightforward, reliable solution. Our vaccine can be used in any climate, during any season.”

Some General Spring Calving Vector Recommendations:

  • Vaccinate herds for anaplasmosis, if not previously done.
  • Continue other vector measures for the herd like fly and tick control programs.
  • Check spraying equipment, dust bags, and oilers, and obtain needed chemicals or tags for fly and tick control.
  • Consider professional controlled-burns and/or chemical sprays to keep excessive weeds and brush in check. Always contact professionals for these mitigation measures.

The Bottom Line: Economic Benefits of Vaccines

“Our vaccine’s affordability enables more small and mid-sized cattle farmers to protect their herds too,” said Gene Luther. “While minimizing financial strain. That’s who we try to reach first – who we try to help the most: farmers who do not have enormous corporate budgets to work with. These folks need help that is immediate and cost effective.”

The University Products vaccine does not prevent infection, but when properly used, significantly reduces clinical signs in at-risk animals. The vaccine requires only two doses in the first year, with one annual booster each year thereafter, and is safe to use in any stage of bovine pregnancy.

A detailed description of the vaccine and its method of administration is publicly available for PDF download. For more information on vaccine availability for ranchers and veterinarians, please contact University Products directly.

About University Products LLC

Based in Louisiana, University Products specializes in USDA approved (for experimental use) bovine vaccines. Their anaplasmosis vaccine minimizes clinical signs in at-risk animals, is safe during pregnancy, and requires two initial doses plus annual boosters. The company is also researching vaccines for bovine babesiosis and theileriosis. Veterinarians can inquire about availability by emailing directly at

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