URS Secures Wood Partners Nearly a Half Million Dollar Refund from City of Longwood, FL

Numerous Requests About High Water Bills and Overpayments Went Unanswered

DUBLIN, Ohio, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Utility Revenue Services (URS), a national leader in seamless utility management for developers, real estate owners and management companies has secured Wood Partners a refund of $436,802 for overpayment of water and sewer services for its Alta Longwood Property. URS determined that improper meter reading by the water district and incorrect application of rates caused the mix up.

According to Wood Partners VP and property controller, Tim Bonenberger, there had been a situation of high water costs at its Alta Longwood property for many months. Inquiries made to the City of Longwood were unanswered, so Wood Partners turned to their utility billing vendor for an investigation.

The billing company determined the master water meter was the problem and persuaded the city to change it, yet the problem persisted.

Upon request by Wood Partners’ management, URS examined the situation. URS found from past utility bills there were serious issues: consumption was out of line for the number of apartments and the rate application was incorrect. URS reviewed two years of water/sewer invoices for progression of usage and determined the meters were not faulty, they were being read incorrectly by the water district.

URS recalculated the charges based on the correct rates to determine the overpayment was $436,802.01. Upon receipt of the documentation the City of Longwood refunded the full amount.

“When neither our utility billing vendor nor our staff could get to the bottom of the problem with the water district, we turned to URS.  In a matter of weeks, URS identified the problem and secured a refund of nearly a half million dollars for the community,” said Bonenberger. “URS is a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to service our properties. We are grateful for their work and dedication to Wood Partners.”

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