Utah Company Launches Innovative Solution to the Homeless Crisis

PROVO, Utah, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Applying innovation, efficient design, and strategic partnerships, MIT Modular (Modal Innovations Technologies) founders, Blake Christian, and Roi Maufas, are taking aim at housing affordability. Their strategy—taking single-use shipping containers and developing them into power-positive, sustainable housing models.

“Affordable housing is a bipartisan issue and something we can all agree needs to be addressed,” Maufas said. “We are getting right to work finding exciting solutions to create and preserve high-quality, sustainable, and affordable housing that can be delivered anywhere in the US.”

On November 1, 2022, Christian and Maufas (with over 20 years of combined experience in the modular housing industry) officially opened their new 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in the railway district in Provo, Utah, about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. “The need for quality affordable housing has never been greater.” Christian said. “I’m proud to lend my financial and Opportunity Zone expertise and have an active role in identifying practical solutions to the housing crisis.”

Co-founder Maufas also serves as MIT Modular’s Chief Designer. “I know firsthand how it feels to be without a home,” Maufas said. “I lost everything and was homeless after Hurricane Katrina.” Restoring hope and dignity with homeownership is his unwavering dedication, which is clearly driven by his own experiences. MIT Modular offers a wide variety of housing solutions ranging from single-unit Accessory Dwelling Units to multi-family, stackable designs. MIT also can incorporate basements and rooftop decks to maximize living space in a cost-effective manner.

MIT Modular serves as an influential organization. With their commitment to establishing long-term solutions for affordable housing, they have built a coalition of community leaders, non-profit organizations, and municipalities that share similar goals. In addition to these relationships and innovative models, MIT Modular designs are truly best-in-class solutions to assist in tackling housing affordability throughout the US. 

Combining the sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective modular housing designs with the community renovation focus of the federal Opportunity Zone Program, makes MIT Modular a national model for helping solve the housing shortage while creating well-paying jobs and improving under-served communities.

Christian who has over 40 years of tax accounting expertise and is a nationally recognized Opportunity Zone expert is optimistic about the future. “Despite the national economic challenges, MIT is well-positioned to supply creative and functional housing to a variety of consumers including low-income, homeless, workforce, vacation, AirBnB landlords, retail, and special-purpose users. The tax deferral, depreciation, and ultimate tax-free gains available to our investors provides a compelling option in today’s investment markets.

MIT Modular celebrates their public opening on Friday, November 18, 2022, at their Provo warehouse location. Details and RSVP information can be found at MITmodular.com/RSVP.

About MIT Modular

 MIT Modular builds and delivers affordable, sustainable housing. The firm specializes in elegant, modern solar and wind powered solutions that can withstand 180+ mph winds, and pull 2.5Gs in a seismic event. Believing firmly in sustainable economic development, the firm provides jobs that pay a living wage, which empowers and inspires systemic change in communities. They actively pursue opportunities to do well by doing good. Their business model is built around fulfilling the deep need for affordable housing, which is combined with their Opportunity Zone Fund legal structure that offers a variety of powerful federal and state tax benefits. For more additional information please visit www.MITmodular.com for more information.

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Daniel Dean-Roth Ivy