Utilizing CO2, as the Cause of Global Warming, as the Source for Fuel and Energy? Green Science Alliance Confirmed Artificial Photosynthesis with their Original Catalyst

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental problems such as global warming, extreme weather, natural resource depletion, water shortage and plastic pollution are getting severe in the world. Increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the major reasons for global warming.  Plants are the planet’s lungs, but they’re struggling due to CO2 increase and deforestation. Artificial photosynthesis is one of the innovative technologies to clean up our atmosphere. Just like plants, this technology utilizes the energy of sun light and from CO2 and water, they can produce organic substances including the raw material of fuel and chemical products, as well as energy.

Dr. Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has succeeded in making formic acid from water, CO2, and light energy with his original catalyst material, which is composed of metal oxide and metal complex. He has succeeded in synthesizing formic acid without any help of electrical energy from outside. This is the artificial photosynthesis technology. 

Dr. Ryohei Mori has an idea of utilizing formic acid as the route for hydrogen storage and sustainable energy system establishment. One of the major reasons for preventing world wide spread of hydrogen-based society is that it is very difficult to store hydrogen. Hydrogen tanks are used already although they are very expensive and have safety issues. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the universe and it will be very expensive to make hydrogen tank with high sealing effect.

From this point of view, even though formic acid has a difficulty of handling due to its strong acidity, it is much easier to store in one place with cheaper cost when compared to hydrogen storage because formic acid is liquid. We can create hydrogen-based society for practical use easily because one can take out hydrogen from formic acid when necessary, and use them as the energy source with fuel cell. There is also some research about creating electrical energy directly from formic acid and it is the formic acid fuel cell. Green Science Alliance is also thinking about making formic acid fuel cell in the near future.

Furthermore, Dr. Ryohei Mori is imagining about applying this artificial photosynthesis technology and formic acid-based sustainable system on Mars too. 96% of Mars atmosphere is composed of CO2 and recent discovery enclosed that there is plenty of water at north and south pole as an ice, and also at underground. In addition, oxygen as a byproduct of artificial photosynthesis can be used for human to breathe. Since CO2 concentration on earth is approximately 0.04%, which means approximately 2400 times more quantity of CO2 exists on Mars, and this might be the good fuel and energy resource.

Green Science Alliance will further challenge to enhance the artificial photosynthesis efficiency by combining with advanced material such as quantum dot and metal organic framework, which they synthesize internally in their company.

Ryohei Mori


SOURCE Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.