Uvisan Ltd. Provides Hygiene Solution for Global Enterprise Through Partnership with Telepresenz

MEDIA CITY, England, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Uvisan Ltd.  is pleased to announce its recent strategic partnership with Telepresenz, a global company specializing in augmented reality (AR) wearable devices that connect remote front-line workers to mentors in the office for real-time collaboration. The partnership with Telepresenz allows for the Uvisan product suite to be a solution offering with head-mounted AR devices, enabling field service teams to not only provide remote assistance during asset inspections, empower contractors and other contingent workers, and enhance companies’ abilities to train and onboard new employees at an accelerated pace safely. Telepresenz CRO, Ritesh Tolia, says, "We are pleased to partner with Uvisan to provide our customers with an easy-to-use solution for disinfecting, charging, and storing their devices using this tried-and-true technology."

Telepresenz, will leverage Uvisan’s product suite as an accessory partner to ensure the sanitation of hands-free wearable devices, and any shareable tech used in the field. "Hygiene protocols are evolving each day. Uvisan’s mission is to educate and make the sanitization of shared devices and shared spaces easy. By taking the guess work out, we can provide businesses with the peace of mind needed to freely share and use technology with the highest grade of safety. Clean, Charge, Store," says Maria Rankin, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. "We truly have the only premium product in this space that can accommodate the volume, and versatility needed to eliminate the key challenges businesses face with disinfection and mitigating risk. Telepresenz is the perfect partner to help us share the message globally."

Uvisan’s products provide rapid medical grade disinfection of rooms and equipment using the power of UV-C light no chemicals, heat or liquid is required protecting customers and staff. The level of UV irradiance kills 99.99% of:

  • Poliovirus 1
  • SARS
  • H-CoV 229E
  • H-CoVOC43
  • H-CoV 229E
  • Influenza A (H1N1)
  • Covid 19
  • and more

within two minutes of exposure. The brand also pioneered the multi-headset, 360-degree surface coverage approach, ensuring the entire device is reliably sanitary every time.

"Uvisan is proud to deliver peace of mind to our partners and the highest grade of safety during such demanding times," says David Marks, Uvisan Chairman. "Our products are used by companies across all industry verticals, including healthcare, education, government, events and location-based entertainment concerned about the risk of shared devices and multi-user experiences."

About Telepresenz®, founded in 2017, offers an augmented reality-based collaboration platform for front-line workers. We service clients with geographically dispersed field teams who require a collaboration platform that includes video on demand and workflow automation. Specializes in remote assistance, digitized workflows, and client specific customizations of our platform, that can be delivered on a variety of smart devices, including AR glasses. Our business mission is to empower field workers with real-time access to expertise, data, and information for diagnosing and resolving critical issues as they occur.

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About Uvisan

Uvisan Ltd., located in the UK, is a global supplier of UV-Cabinets for an array of companies and educational facilities world-wide. The National Health Service (NHS), The Mayo Clinic, British Film Institute, and RAF Hado, among others, as well as many universities and schools. Most recently, Uvisan’s Cleanroom had its first installation at the University of Chichester, being able to disinfect the air and all surfaces in the University’s high value, high traffic recording studio in under 10 minutes. The company’s mission is to change the sanitation strategy of shared spaces and shared devices in the post-Covid era.

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