Vehya Expands Its Presence in Latin America with the Launch in Brazil

The Detroit-based company starts its operation in the largest automotive market in Latin America

SAO PAULO, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the world’s major emerging economies, Brazil is also home to one of the most prominent automotive markets worldwide. With a population of over 212 million people, the South American nation ranks as the sixth-largest car market globally. Brazil stands out for its high demand for vehicles and is among the ten leading passenger vehicle manufacturers worldwide. With over 100 million vehicles driving in the streets of Brazil, the expectation of the EV market is very positive, with double-digit growth in the following years. Having that in mind, Vehya is already exploring the country’s opportunities and preparing for the market boom.

Founded in 2020, Vehya is an electric vehicle industry digital platform that makes the electrification of things easy, providing installation and maintenance solutions for EVSE. Vehya’s platform provides Ai-driven technology to ensure that the electrification of things is on time, on budget, and adequately serviced. With over 400,000 electricians on the network, 20,000 EVITP-certified and more joining Vehya’s platform daily, it provides complete coverage for all major cities in the U.S. and Canada.

The EoT – Electrification of Things – concept is believed to be the best path to sustainability nowadays. The idea suggests that items that require conventional energy can use clean-powered electricity, including transportation. The electrification of things requires not only innovative infrastructure and technology development but integrated solutions with partners and clients, as well as optimization of the providers.

According to Wiliam McCoy, CEO and co-founder, “Vehya is expanding operations outside North America into Brazil as part of our strategy to support the electrification of things.” The company is already in the United States and Canada, and both are countries as large as Brazil in extension. “Brazil just reached 100.000 EVs on the road, and Vehya is here to support the country to scale up faster in the following years with a streamlined platform for installation and service of EV infrastructure,” McCoy added.

The focus of the expansion will be on the infrastructure of EV charges. Having that in mind, Vehya is already a member of the Brazilian Association of Electrical Vehicles – ABVE. “Becoming a member of ABVE is a great opportunity for Vehya to strategically help lead the development of electromobility with the other member companies. Also, advise public policies regarding infrastructure, education, and workforce development to support the growth of the EV market.” Says McCoy.

The company and the ABVE members have high expectations “The electric vehicle market in Brazil is growing and offers countless opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and services, such as Vehya.” Says Gustavo Tanure, Board Member and Director of Infrastructure at ABVE, and CEO of EzVolt. He completes, “at the same time, ABVE believes Vehya will be able to contribute to the maturation of this market, especially with its technology to scale up the electrification processes and competence in personnel training and maintenance of electric chargers”.

The company’s subsidiary officially started in August 2022 and is already licensed to operate in the national territory. The Brazilian headquarter is in São Paulo, located in the modern corporate district near Faria Lima Avenue.

Daniela Garcia, Vehya’s Business Development Manager, who is from Brazil and knows the particularities of the country and the local market, says, “Brazilian EV market has its challenges and characteristics. We want to use our expertise and adapt the technology to the local market.” The main challenge, according to Garcia, is the labor market due to non-regulated services and the quality of technical education. Still, she is very confident about the initiatives of Vehya for workforce development.

After five years of living in Europe, Daniela returns to lead the company’s expansion into Latin America, combining her local market knowledge, networking, and previous experience in the infrastructure industry. “Developing the workforce to support the installation and additional services for electric chargers is essential to the transition into EV technology.” She concludes: “Vehya’s electrical professionals and platform will help to meet that demand.”

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Daniela Garcia