Vessel Technologies – Innovative Housing Vessel Ready for Boarding in Trenton

Sustainable, tech-enabled Perry Street apartments reimagine what attainably-priced living looks and feels like

TRENTON, N.J., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An innovative, user-centric new housing solution from Vessel Technologies, Inc. has landed at 121 Perry Street, opening up opportunities to lease exciting, sustainable, and universally accessible apartments at attainable prices. Leveraging strategies borrowed from exceptional consumer product development companies, Vessel’s unique design incorporates the latest software-enabled technologies, sustainable building materials, and elegant aesthetics in apartments accessible to hard-working community members.

Vessel envisions a 21st century community solution that allows first responders, teachers, entrepreneurs, and others to live in the communities where they work and serve. It partners with ‘hometowns’ to deliver exceptional options for the "missing middle," those who earn too much to qualify for subsidized housing and too little for current ‘market-rate’ options.

"The addition of this captivating residential space was a wonderful way to jumpstart the redevelopment of Perry Street and maximize the potential of this formerly vacant lot," said Mayor W. Reed Gusciora, who was instrumental in securing approvals for the sale and development of the city-owned lot. "Turning around the city lot by lot, block by block is our number one priority, and we were happy to collaborate with Vessel Technologies to bring this community solution to fruition."

Vessel is a mission-driven housing product company, focused on partnering with local communities to create trailblazing, workforce living environments at attainable prices.

"Our mission is to offer each person and equal opportunity for an extraordinary life by providing access to the exciting homes they previously could only dream about," said Vessel founder Neil Rubler. "Under Mayor Gusciora’s leadership, the City of Trenton has been a tremendous partner in what we hope will be just the first of many opportunities to help the city achieve its vision for growth and redevelopment. We’d also like to thank Felix Reyes, Director of the Office of Development & Planning, and Barry Levine, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board, for their unwavering support throughout the development process."  
Each Vessel property is operated by someone from the community – a vested Caretaker – who is trained and empowered to forge a career in the service of their communities and a pathway to economic opportunity for themselves and their families. The Perry Street Vessel Caretaker is Captain Joseph Deacon of the Trenton Fire Department, who has long served his hometown.

"As a lifelong resident of Trenton and a proud civil servant for more than a decade, I know first-hand the challenges of finding quality housing at an attainable price," said Captain Deacon. "I am gratified to have been selected by Vessel as a Community Caretaker, and for the opportunity to pursue my entrepreneurial goals while empowering communities through sustainable real estate, education and community service."

The six-unit, three-story Perry Street Vessel occupies a 60′ by 118′ lot that was previously a vacant eyesore producing no tax revenue. The new Vessel building will now provide intelligent, technology-enhanced, and sustainable housing that is among the most energy efficient in the nation. Materials, technology, appliance selections and myriad design features enable Vessel to improve the built environment without damaging the natural one.

About Vessel Technologies, Inc.

Vessel is a mission-driven, 21st century housing product company focused on reimagining the apartment building as a consumer product by creating exciting, sustainable, and user-centric housing at attainable prices. Vessel believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to an extraordinary life, which begins with access to a high quality, healthy, safe, and sustainable residence. Founded in 2017 and based in New York City, Vessel currently has over 10 projects under development throughout the Northeast.

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