Vision Films to Release ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’ Across the Globe on Amazon Prime for Earth Day

Narrated by Academy Award® Winning Actress
Kate Winslet

Available on Amazon Prime April 18

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"This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today."
Leonardo DiCaprio

LOS ANGELES, April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of Earth Day 2022, Vision Films, Inc. (Vision) will release the timely Eating Our Way To Extinction documentary to be promoted by Amazon from 18 – 22 April during Amazon Prime’s Earth Day Campaign. The documentary is simultaneously launching internationally in the UK, Canada, Australia and many other additional to-be-announced countries, including Spain, Germany and Latin America, all narrated by local celebrities in their native languages.

On the heels of the recent U.N. IPCC Climate Report’s "now or never" call to action, this feature-length documentary, narrated and executive produced by Academy Award® winning actress Kate Winslet, is a hard-hitting and visually stunning cinematic experience that showcases how simple changes to the way we eat can help halt catastrophic climate change and restore our planet.

This entertaining and surprising documentary will challenge the way you look at the food industry. If food costs the Earth, who pays the price? Featuring shocking undercover footage and poignant first-hand accounts from indigenous people, this one-of-a-kind documentary will permanently change your perception of food and its connection to the future of our planet.

With Earth Day around the corner, this film is the perfect watch to highlight the urgency needed to protect our planet, unearthing key statistics such as:

–  An estimated one million animal species are at risk of extinction, many within decades, according to a recent UN report ­
–  By 2030 the world will be facing a 40% global water deficit 
–  Cattle ranching accounts for 80% of the Amazon’s deforestation ­
–  Methane’s impact is now so great that the Earth will warm by 1.4°–2°C by 2030 whether or not CO2 emissions are reduced

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films says, "Vision is thrilled to be releasing this important and stunning documentary across all media for audiences around the world. Its important global message could not be timelier."

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, Former Principal Scientist, Queensland Government, who appears in the documentary comments: "If we don’t act now, there could be No Earth Day by 2045. Scientists have predicted that in just over two decades, species loss will be so great that we won’t recover, the Earth will suffer ecological collapse and the most impactful thing you and I can do to stop this, is to change our diets."

World-renowned scientific experts featured in Eating Our Way To Extinction include Dr Sylvia Earle, explorer and former Chief Scientist of NOAA; Prof. Olivier de Schutter, former United Nations Special Rapporteur; Dr. Marco Springmann, Senior Researcher on Environmental Sustainability, University of Oxford; Jeremy Rifkin, economic and political advisor;  Prof. Peter Wadhams, Head of Polar Ocean Physics Group, University of Cambridge; Joseph Poore, Environment and Agriculture Researcher, University of Oxford; Dr. Tara Garnett, Head of Food Climate Research Network, University of Oxford; Dr. Michael Greger, physician and researcher; Prof. Arjen Hoekstra, water management expert, University of Twente, Netherlands; and Dr. Penelope Lindeque, Senior Research Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

The documentary is co-directed by Otto and Ludovic Brockway and produced by Kian Tavakkoli, Mark Galvin and Ludovic Brockway of Broxstar Productions. Executive Producers on the film include Kate Winslet, Sir Richard Branson, Magnus Hollo, Ivan Orlic of Seine Pictures, Lauren Mekhael, James Wilks, Joseph Pace and Susan Vitka. Featuring a wealth of world-renowned contributors, including Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, it has a message of hope that will empower audiences.

For fans of The Game Changers, Racing Extinction and The Inconvenient Truth, this is the next must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the future of our planet, and for those who want to gain a further understanding of the true cost of what we eat.

Eating Our Way To Extinction is currently available to rent or purchase on streaming and all major cable platforms in the US and Canada and will be available on Amazon Prime beginning April 18.

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