Visionaire Lighting, LLC, RapidGrow LED Technologies, Inc., and Pangea Software, Inc. Rebrand to PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc, in Roll-Up Merger

Newly combined entity PANGEA Global Technologies is a technology solutions provider delivering the best of class in technology and hardware for all. Our mission is to compete on analytics, know our customers and build a world class team.

LOS ANGELES, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Visionaire Lighting, LLC, RapidGrow LED Technologies, Inc. (RapidGrow), and Pangea Software, Inc., announce a company roll-up to become PANGEA Global Technologies. Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Pangea Global Technologies, Inc. has 3 brands in its portfolio, Rapidgrow LED, Pangea Software Inc. and Visionaire Lighting LLC.

Now PANGEA Global Technologies, the North American technology and lighting company is built on a successful 22-year history of operating in the commercial lighting industry. The company consists of 430 employees, 48 agencies and 600+ sales representatives nationally, two facilities with 350,000 square feet of testing, research and development and in-house vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. PANGEA Global Technologies is better positioned to serve horticulture, public, private and government sector industries with all its brands and a fully open architecture Pangea Software platform.

"Lighting is the most universally powered location for the delivery of connected technology," says Bryan Fried, Chairman and CEO of PANGEA Global Technologies. "By folding our brands into one company, our smart LED lighting hardware with integrated technologies and new PANGEA SaaS offering, we can offer a far larger range of commercial or industrial projects than before."

A key feature of the company roll-up announcement is the launch of the "Pangea Software" SaaS platform, which integrates directly into PANGEA Global Technologies’ world-class LED lighting hardware products and third-party integrations. Originally designed for indoor food production, cannabis and hemp solutions, the PANGEA SaaS platform now offers significant applications for projects like public parks, roadways, universities, parking lots, auto dealerships, shopping centers, sporting facilities, municipalities, highways, military bases and more.

The PANGEA Software’s integration into the company’s LED light products will play a key role to transform customer commercial and industrial projects. PANGEA Software is an open-architecture, wireless lighting platform that enables the creation of Smart Environments, automation, data reporting and third-party device connectivity. Many current project applications include automated horticulture farming, energy monitoring and reporting, privatized Wi-Fi, video integration and analytics, audio threat detection, air quality sensors and controls, large scale utility controls for factories and distribution centers, moisture sensors and controls, CO2 and temperature sensors and controls, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters. The truly wireless system connects to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway, with no wiring between light fixtures, granting full wireless control of individual light fixtures and pre-set zones while gathering data and generating real-time reporting.

"The PANGEA Software SaaS, integrated with our LED lighting products, achieved significant energy cost savings for numerous horticulture clients. For HMP Brands, the largest hemp farm in Utah, the platform cut costs and collected the data required for HMP to receive $537,000 worth of on-bill financing rebates from the local utility – up 63% from the initial rebate of $336,000," adds Fried. "Additionally, our products and services were credited for the largest on-bill refinancing rebate for a Rocket Farms indoor grow facility in California by local utility Pacific Gas & Electric Company."

PANGEA Global Technologies recently completed research on a Pangea-based device that would allow customers to retroactively add the Pangea platform to any of LED lighting products post-installation. A major technology breakthrough, customers can opt to include the PANGEA Software SaaS integration at a later date and enhance the company’s ability to increase SaaS revenue by allowing every RapidGrow fixture to be Pangea compatible.

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PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc. is the nation’s leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting. PANGEA Global Technologies is the result of a recent roll-up of Visionaire Lighting, LLC, RapidGrow LED Technologies and Pangea Software Inc. With more than 350,000 square feet of research and development, testing and manufacturing facility space in North America, PANGEA Global Technologies is a vertically integrated operation that produces all of its products in-house and is the provider of the PANGEA software SaaS Solution.

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