Visionect’s New Place & Play CMS: Transforming the Digital Signage Landscape with Highly Efficient E-Paper Tech

Eco-Friendly Meets Cutting-Edge: Place & Play CMS Redefines Digital Display Technology

MILIPITAS, Calif., Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — E-paper technology is transforming the digital signage industry with unparalleled energy efficiency, consuming up to 99% less energy than traditional LCD screens. And now Visionect is happy to announce the release of Place & Play CMS, its latest comprehensive content management system optimized for e-paper technology. The high-end wireless device and platform offer an end-to-end solution, combining ease of use with advanced editing capabilities and robust security features.

“Place & Play has been designed to not just solve one problem, but a whole series of them. The team continues to add features and pushes the boundaries of what electronic paper is capable of and moving forward, we’ll continue to grow our global presence, enhancing our technology and designs exponentially. Because we’ve dared to dream, our displays remain the leaders of an electronic paper revolution.”

Place & Play: Effortless Integration and User-Friendly Design

  • Swift, Cable-Free Setup: Easy installation with magnetic mounts for a clutter-free, modern appearance.
  • End-to-End Solution: Seamlessly integrates device and content management with a user-friendly interface and advanced editing features.
  • Customized at a Touch: Real-time content creation, customization, and preview capabilities for perfect alignment with brand vision.
  • Unrivaled Energy Efficiency: Operates for months on a single charge, using less than 0.1% of the power of traditional LCD displays.
  • Optimized for E-Paper: Features like frame-rate control and progressive image optimization enhance display performance.
  • Advanced Security and Support: Secure cloud-based infrastructure, optimized data storage, and a dedicated support team maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective Digital Signage: Priced at $200 (180€) annually, offering exceptional value and sustainability in digital display solutions.

Place & Play: Top Awards and Clients

  • iF Design Winner 2022
  • Red Dot Winner 2022
  • TechRadar Pro Award 2022

“Visionect has captured the simple beauty of electronic paper with grace and style,” said Barrett Comiskey, inventor of electronic paper.

“For 17 years we’ve been passionately shaping our solid, secure, and easy-to-use Digital Signage platform to be as versatile and futureproof as possible. Joining forces with Visionect has enabled us to add a whole new kind of display technology to our ecosystem: E-ink. And in addition to optimizing cost, efficiency, and eco friendliness, we also share a childlike enthusiasm with every milestone we conquer. Our shared passion and focus have resulted in a top-notch, unique solution for this market,” said Jochen Deldaele, COO of Digitopia Group.

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About Visionect:

Visionect, headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with subsidiaries in the United States and the Netherlands, is dedicated to developing high-end wireless displays that embody functionality, simplicity, and sustainability. With a focus on cutting edge e-paper technology, Visionect is committed to creating displays that exceed expectations and support wide success in the digital age. Explore the growing pioneering product lines at: Place & Play & Joan.

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