Washington Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Vehicles by 2030

SEATTLE, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new poll commissioned by Coltura, nearly 60% of Washington voters support a policy that would require all new cars sold to be electric by 2030 to reduce air pollution, combat climate change, create jobs, and keep energy dollars in the state. Under such a policy, individuals could still drive, buy, and sell gas-powered cars manufactured before 2030. Just 34% of Washington voters oppose the policy.

Over the past year, Washington State has taken steps toward phasing out gas vehicles. Last spring, both chambers of the legislature passed legislation, later vetoed by Gov. Inslee, that would have put the state on the path to requiring that all light duty vehicles of model-year 2030 and later sold in the state be electric. Earlier this month, Gov. Inslee issued an executive order calling for 100% of state-owned light duty vehicles to be electric by 2035 and medium- and heavy-duty state vehicles to be electric by 2040.

"To achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, we must address a major source of carbon pollution driving the climate crisis: gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs," said Matthew Metz, co-executive director of Coltura. "The findings of this poll make clear that the public supports a 2030 target date for phasing out gasoline-powered vehicles. It’s time for elected officials to pass laws that reflect the will of their constituents." Metz, who led the coalition which helped pass the 2030 target in Washington State earlier this year, said, "We are going to be campaigning in 2022 to end the sale of new gas cars after 2030."

The survey found that 72% of respondents have a positive opinion of electric vehicles. Of respondents planning to purchase a vehicle in the next five years, 59% said they were likely to buy an EV.

Nationally, 68% of respondents have a positive attitude towards electric vehicles (EVs). Black and Hispanic respondents support phasing out gasoline cars by a 2:1 margin. Additionally, 71% of voters aged 18-34 favor phasing out gas cars by 2030.

About the Poll
Climate Nexus Polling, in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, conducted a representative survey of 2,678 registered voters across the U.S. in a scientific online poll conducted in October 2021. An oversample of 367 voters was conducted in Washington (margin of error +/- 5.2%). Polling methodology and additional findings are available at https://www.coltura.org/polling.

About Coltura
Based in Seattle and Menlo Park, Coltura is working to improve climate, health, and equity by accelerating the transition from gasoline and diesel to cleaner alternatives. It focuses on changing gasoline supply, gasoline demand, and gasoline culture through innovative legal and policy pathways, media, and art. It is currently leading a multi-state effort to introduce legislation setting a target for all model year 2030 or later passenger and light-duty vehicles sold to be electric vehicles. Learn more at www.coltura.org.

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