Wildling Shoes, a Purpose Driven Company, Expands Brand by Launching in the US

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wildling Shoes, the producer of minimal footwear using ethically sourced materials and sustainable practices, is pleased to announce its expansion into the US market with the launch of its Spring/Summer 2022 shoe collection.

"As a company, Wildling Shoes aims to take a regenerative approach to its business on every level," says Wildling Co-Founder and CEO Anna Yona. "Our goal now and for the future is to provide US-based shoppers with a meaningful, and fully circular minimal shoe option. We aim to learn and grow with new customers as we continue to expand the Wildling brand."

Wildling Shoes was founded in Germany in 2015 by Anna and Ran Yona, who were seeking to create a company that would design minimal footwear while embracing a truly sustainable and traceable supply chain. The typical shoe has a thick sole and prevents natural foot movement. Wildling Shoes soles are 1.5 – 2.5mm thin made from recycled rubber and cork providing lots of flexibility. The wide toe box allows your toes to move as naturally as possible without interference. For the brand, it was not enough that their suppliers worked sustainably. To be truly sustainable, Wildling Shoes examines every detail of its supply chain. The brand takes a close look at the raw materials sourced for their products, along with the working conditions of where those materials come from.

Wildling Shoes has launched its newest collection as an introduction to US consumers. The Spring/Summer collection will feature a variety of new shoe styles and prints, all inspired by the brand’s mission to better connect people to the planet. Intending to create its own experimental utopia through collaborating and deconstructing old systems. Wildling Shoes continues their collaboration with Cotonea (helping support underprivileged farmers in Kyrgyzstan) with their new collection. The brand is using single-source cotton to create its new minimalist and sustainable designs.

Wildling Shoes Spring/Summer 2022 collection of minimal shoes is offered in sizes from toddlers to adults. Each design has a natural shape that is based on an anatomical foot allowing the feet to move naturally. The collection includes two sandal options, made from Microsuede. The Spring/Summer collection also features various closed-toe shoe styles, made from eco-friendly materials including Washi (Japanese rice paper), cotton, linen, and canvas. The color palette is inspired by the source of the materials and the vast lands of Kyrgyzstan.

Wildling Shoes are exclusively sold online at us.wildling.shoes and are available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

For more information about Wildling Shoes, please visit www.wildlingshoes.com and follow on Instagram @wildling.shoes and Facebook @wildling.shoes.

ABOUT Wildling

Founded in Germany in 2015, Anna and Ran Yona created Wildling Shoes to provide a minimalist shoe option for their three kids, who wanted shoes they could move naturally and freely in, unlike traditional footwear. They believe that feet are healthy by nature, and therefore only need a shoe that will protect feet from the elements. Wildling Shoes are made to allow feet to develop naturally, interfering with regular foot function as little as possible. With the belief of strengthening the bond between people and the planet, Wildling Shoes uses all sustainably sourced materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize its ecological footprint.

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