Will Restaurants and Food Producers Finally Recycle their Water?

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Demizine Technology announced today the introduction of a standalone self-contained recycling sink that can reduce water usage by up to 90%. The appliance, called The Endless Sink®, is a unique, commercial sink requiring no plumbing or wastewater connection – perfect for businesses that need a kitchen in an instant. 

The Endless Sink® contains a built-in grease trap, solid separation and seven stages of filtration in one pre-assembled, ready to use, system. It uses a proprietary water storage and treatment system to continuously recapture and clean an internal water supply in a closed loop. The sink is manufactured in partnership with UK-based Klimate Labs Ltd, a company developing climate mitigation solutions.

"We had clients who were getting financially crushed, not just by the Covid pandemic but by regulatory wait times," said Matthew Roberts of Klimate Labs. "These clients need to be able to set up a kitchen, or a pop-up, without waiting five months for approvals and a qualified plumber to show up. This one product solves both problems, reduces water consumption and allows the efficient removal of solids for composting." 

Decentralization is part of the new climate-technology revolution, where individual businesses can take control of their own environmental footprint without waiting on the government.

"Often businesses find the transition to clean climate-tech complicated and expensive, but here we have a single solution that not only solves a problem, it cuts down time, effort and with no loss of space – no plumber to hire, no landlord approvals because its mobile, plug it in and you’re in business," Roberts said. "The use case is broad from the more obvious interested parties like restaurants, to the less obvious like organic farmers and small food manufacturers to fish processors. Just about every industry that touches food needs a sink."

The Endless Sink® has customizable basin configuration and is suitable for interior and exterior use. Designed for ease of use, the entire water tank and filtration system can be removed for transport and cleaning. With an unrivalled focus on function, its water purification system collects and separates wastewater from oils, then filters and purifies water, preparing it for reuse with prices starting from $5,455 in stainless steel or white.

About Demizine Technology
Demizine Technology is a Canadian-based green technology company that creates breakthrough clean technology water and septic systems that deliver material water and energy savings for businesses and individuals. By leveraging the power of decentralization, Demizine Technology empowers individuals to live and work anywhere, anytime. 

About Klimate Labs
Klimate Labs is a UK-based firm that creates, consults and invests in climate mitigation technologies through the development of innovative practical hardware based solutions. Klimate Labs is dedicated to supporting resilient, sustainable and independent living.

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