Worm Farms to Meet at U.S. Business Conference

A “black gold” Rush is On!

PHOENIX, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — More than 50 worm farms from all over the world will meet in Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Worm Farm at the third annual US Worm Business Conference. The conference will focus on how to start, expand, or perfect Worm composting and waste reduction.

New this year is a day focused on growing insects for food – for animals, plants, and people. There is tremendous interest in raising insects, specifically Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), in the US as the insects can turn food waste into high quality, protein rich food for all type of animals. A conference add-on day will provide detailed instruction on how to raise BSFL and run a profitable waste reuse/insect growing business.

Global climate change, combined with dramatically increased interest in organic waste reduction and desire to create sustainable, productive soils for agriculture has led to a global shortage of Worms and worm products.  This conference is designed to help small and tangential business get into, or perfect, the worm business.

The wholesale price of worms has jumped from $15 per pound in 2020 to an average of more than $45 a pound today. Demand now significantly exceeds supply.

The conference will provide coaching, hands on training, and business advice and recommendations from leading experts in the US Worm Farming community, including three of the United States’ most respected worm farmers, including Zach Brooks, Arizona Worm Farm and Steve Churchill, Urban Worm Bag. 

Zach Brooks, owner and founder of the Arizona Worm Farm, said: “There has never been a better time to build or expand a Worm Farming business. The world is craving sustainable waste reduction and highly productive organic growing methods. Prices have never been higher and demand has never been greater. This conference is the perfect first step to joining this modern day “black gold” rush.


Arizona Worm Farm
Zach Brooks


SOURCE Arizona Worm Farm