You Don’t Have to Be an Environmentalist to Like Eco-Friendly Estate Planning

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Earth Day approaches and we consider our impact on the environment, Koza Law Group (“Koza”), a Southern California law firm, focuses on how we can consider the planet as we prepare our estate plans. A firm dedicated to “mindful lawyering” and solutions that go beyond just legal outcomes, Koza introduces the concept of Eco-friendly estate planning.

“Eco-friendly estate planning goes beyond providing for our loved ones.  It also considers the impact our life and death may have on the planet,” says Bobby Kouretchian, Koza’s managing partner.

Six Eco-Friendly Estate Planning Ideas

Consider donating to environmental causes.
One of the most effective ways to reduce the environmental impact of your estate is to donate a portion of your assets to environmental causes.  This can include organizations that work to protect natural habitats, promote renewable energy, or support sustainable agriculture.

Choose an Eco-friendly burial.
Traditional burial practices can harm the environment due to the use of embalming fluids and non-biodegradable caskets.  Consider a natural burial, which involves using a biodegradable casket or shroud, and burying the body in a natural setting without embalming.

Consider a green funeral service.
A green funeral is similar to a natural burial, but it may also include other Eco-friendly elements, such as using recycled paper products for the funeral program, using locally sourced flowers, and encouraging guests to carpool or use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Consider the environmental impact of your estate’s assets.
When creating your estate plan, consider the environmental impact of your assets.  For example, if you own a large amount of stock in a company that has a poor environmental record, you may want to consider divesting from that stock and perhaps choosing a more earth-friendly investment. Consider sustainable investing.

Encourage your heirs to be Eco-friendly.
Consider using your estate plan to encourage your heirs to be friendly to the environment. This can include setting up a trust that incentivizes your heirs to be mindful of the environment, or perhaps leaving a bequest to an environmental organization in their name.

Use a green estate planning attorney.

When selecting an estate planning attorney, select one who considers the impact they have on the planet.  For example, Koza has adopted an online intake process to minimize the amount of paper used in the intake and planning phases of the estate planning process.

“We’re saving about 70 pages per client, just on the intake process alone,” says Koza attorney Makyla Vigil. “With our new online portal, we are also saving an additional 150 sheets of paper, on average, per client, during the drafting and review process.  That’s about 220 pages, per client, on average.”

There are other benefits beyond just saving paper though.  The Eco-friendly approach also saves time and money.

“With our entire process now streamlined online, we’re also saving our clients from having to spend on out-of-pocket expenses associated with printing, copying, shipping, and postage,” adds Mr. Kouretchian.  “Who says you can’t save time and money, and help the planet at the same time?”    

Ms. Vigil summed it up perfectly— “Even our least environmentally oriented clients enjoy saving time and money.  This is good practice that also happens to be good for the environment.” 

By following these tips, you can create an estate plan that reduces your environmental impact and ensures that your wishes are carried out in an environmentally responsible way.

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