ZebraCide-CGA, Kills Zebra Mussels & Provides Aquatic Species Nutrients, For the Safest Environmental Pesticide

GARDNER, Kan., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZebraCide® (https://zebracide.com/), has now been recognized for the benefits of ZebraCide-CGA, tri-action formulation. It has only been realized and confirmed recently that ZebraCide-CGA not only kills zebra mussels and meets FIFRA 25(b) classification, it also provides nutrients to a nutrient depleted environments. The three actions that can be achieved by following actions includes reduction of zebra mussel population, adding nutrients for fish hatchlings, zooplankton and multiple aquatic species while providing nutrient benefit as a soil amendment.

Searching "zebra mussels" under news return 34,600 hits, including new developed products that harm other aquatic life and some that have not be researched or studied past zebra mussels and maybe found to destroy other non-targeted species.  Some news worthy products include those that are consider heavy metals and accumulate over time and have destructive metallurgical actions when in contact under specific conditions.  Chloride salts are detrimental in industrial conditions, when in contact with alloy metals, but this does not seem to be consider in products being authorized.  To move to a healthy environment, products should provide benefit to the environment.  Environment benefit goal is why ZebraCide-CGA addresses three trophic classifications; oligotrophic, mesotrophic and eutrophic.  Oligotrophic is a condition where little nutrients are available, a condition that the write has observed in areas of large zebra mussel infestations.  Mesotrophic is a condition often seen with plenty of nutrients for aquatic life.  Eutrophic is an overabundance of nutrients are available and often seen with toxic algae blooms where weather exacerbates the bacterial growth. "The excuse to use potentially unsafe products for non-targeted aquatic species when addressing zebra mussel infestations should not be an option and more funds should be directed toward safe zebra mussel control."

ZebraCide-CGA patented formulation provides multiple aquatic and soil benefits when applied as a Zebra Mussel Killing Formula, Fish Hatchling & Zooplankton Food Additive or Soil Amendment. The confirmation was provided May 2022, by a pesticide authority group that acknowledges that ZebraCide-CGA meets the requirements of FIFRA (25b), exemption classification, but also to include acceptance to both food-use sites and/or nonfood use, in aquatic environments.

Environmental Protection Agency definitions "pesticides" and "minimum risk pesticides".
PESTICIDE: "Before manufacturers can sell pesticides in the United States, EPA must evaluate them thoroughly to ensure that they meet federal safety standards to protect human health and the environment. We grant a "registration" or license that permits a pesticide’s distribution, sale, and use only after the company meets the scientific and regulatory requirements.
MINIMUM RISK PESTICIDE: "Except in limited circumstances, any substance falling within this definition of a pesticide must be registered by the EPA before it can be legally sold or distributed in the United States. One such exception to the registration requirement is for those pesticides that the Administrator, under section 25(b) of FIFRA, has determined "to be of a character which is unnecessary to be subject to this Act," and that have been exempted from the requirements of FIFRA by regulation.", being exempt from EPA review and registration.

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