Zevo Corporation to Launch World’s First Peer-to-Peer Electric Vehicle Sharing Platform

Brand Seeking Electric Vehicle Hosts in Dallas and Austin to Support Q2 Rollout of On-Demand, Contactless Carshare Technology 

Hosts can start an EV sharing business on Zevo to start earning income

DALLAS, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zevo Corporation – the world’s first peer-to-peer electric-only vehicle (EV) sharing platform – announces it is launching a pioneering ground transportation solution that creates a two-sided marketplace in which users and hosts connect for a seamless, emission-free carsharing experience. A disruptor to traditional rental car and rideshare platforms, the brand is seeking EV owners in Dallas and Austin to join the movement as hosts to support its national expansion plan starting with a Q2 rollout in those cities. The brand’s mantra states “If we are going to drive, why not do it cleanly?”

Founded in 2021, Zevo Corporation (Zevo) is an acronym for “Zero emission vehicle organization.” As a Technology marketplace company, Zevo’s advanced technology and features provide a premium experience for both the host and guest to substantially reduce the planets carbon footprint. Zevo’s mission is to change the way we view vehicle ownership and how we relate to ground transportation.

The Zevo platform offers users on-demand access to EVs at their discretion, whether it’s an hour, a week or even a month. Interaction is contactless and automated, eliminating the need for driver-dependent schedules or traditional rental car reservations and fees. Most importantly, hosts can leverage their EV to create passive income while not in use and reduce their carbon footprint.  To build its network of host vehicles, Zevo is offering the first 100 EV hosts in Dallas and Austin to sign up their vehicle at www.zevo.com with up to $1,000 in rewards, along with free charging for a year!

“Owners of EVs are sitting on an asset and we want to incentivize them to help make a difference while also putting money in their pocket,” says Hebron Sher, Zevo Founder and CEO. “Ideally, we’d love to see people running their own business, providing small fleets of EVs, offering users more access and making a difference for their community and the environment.”

To spark user adoption and jumpstart its presence in these markets, Zevo will add its own vehicles for early users to test and use, and roughly five superchargers within metro areas. It will also work with local businesses to create parking spots as “exchange points,” in the effort to cure logistic problems that existing rental and sharing car companies struggle with, thus creating a flexible and enjoyable on-demand user experience, the brand plans to expand to future markets including the Los Angeles metro and Bay areas. 

For more information or to register to become a host, visit www.zevo.com.

About Zevo

Zevo is the world’s first-ever peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform exclusively for emission-free vehicles. The efficient ground transportation solution lowers the planet’s carbon footprint and turns EV owners into ecopreneurs, renting their vehicle when not in use to generate passive income. Users receive an automated, contactless experience to book by the hour, day, week or even month. This two-sided marketplace all happens on the easy-to-use Zevo mobile app which is currently Apple users and coming soon to Android.

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