Zipease: Innovative Rompers Changing The Game for Children’s Clothing

KENNEWICK, Wash., Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zipease, established in 2017 by founder, has designed an innovative romper to conveniently clothe and change your child from birth to age six. Their patent-pending ankle to ankle zipper brings ease to every parent’s most redundant task: diaper changes. They offer a seperate collection solely to accommodate medical needs with a cleverly disguised hidden zipper across the abdomen providing easy access to a Gastronomy Tube (g-tube) for comfort and peace of mind during feeding times.

Zipease has grown their customer base, served thousands of families, and are now ready to introduce a line of bamboo lyocell baby rompers at a discounted price to Kickstarter backers. They have handpicked the softest bamboo lyocell in eight solid colors that you are guaranteed love! Their unique, patent-pending zipper placement provides an easy solution while maintaining the style and functionality you expect from baby clothes. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, they will be able to expand their production capacity, offer even more designs, and make Zipease a household brand.

When Zipease discovered that bamboo lyocell was featured on Treehugger as one of the sustainable fabrics poised to take over the market, they knew they had to get involved. Their new bamboo lyocell baby rompers, three steps ahead of bamboo viscose, incorporate bamboo’s natural temperature control alongside its antibacterial properties. Bamboo lyocell is soft to the touch, gentle on baby’s skin, four times more absorbent than cotton, and only half the weight making it ideal for baby clothes. Bamboo lyocell’s production process recycles water and doesn’t require chemicals, meanwhile, producing bamboo viscose is an energy-intensive process that pollutes our water supply. Lyocell is the future of the bamboo industry and Zipease is getting their foot in the door first.

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Founder: Taeler Horak

SOURCE Zipease